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Welcome to Shape COVID – this site has been created in response to the global pandemic and its consequences on our societies. Here we have collected links and resources that may be useful as we go through this time. In addition to the global list below, you can also view country-specific links of resources and information by selecting a country in the main menu or from the map at the bottom of this site.

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International resource lists:

Countries marked in blue on the interactive map below have country-specific link collections. If your country is currently not represented on this site please feel free to add resources and we will set up a site for your country as soon as possible.

What is Shape Covid

Shape Covid is an international hub with an overview of resources, tools and initiatives that provides value to people during the corona crisis. The hub has been created by the Global Shapers community in Oslo in response to the isolation, quarantines and social distancing that is affecting large portions of our society during the current outbreak of Covid-19. We hope you find this resource valuable.